Any member can order from us: retailers, juice bars, chocolate makers, or other small businesses are as welcome as individuals. We have retail-branded or bulk product, and we can ship everything up to 2000 lbs.
There is no maximum order size, barring unforeseen circumstances.
As OCM producers are shipping the products, they could have different offerings and requirements. For ECO branded products $5 fulfillment charge is added for quantities fewer than 5. There is no fulfillment charge for unbranded bulk items. Buy more, save more money.
OCM accepts all major US / Canada credit cards, VISA / Mastercard.
As most products are food products they are non-returnable, however any issue with the order will be handled on individual bases and a refund can be issued to the credit card used for original payment.
At this time, the EOS blockchain components are under development. EOS account holders can create an OCM account for 6 EOS.
No need for a blockchain account to be a member.
At this time, delivery is possible to the USA and Canada.
We enable producers to sell directly to consumers which eliminates middlemen fees. We don’t charge hidden shipping fees and make it transparent. Consumers benefit by ordering in volume and save more on shipping.
No, Products can come from different warehouse locations. However Items coming from same warehouse location can be combined in single package when possible, and hence allow saving on shipping cost for the consumer.
OCM members registered on our platform are eligible to participate in blockchain program by claiming their OCM tokens. Please visit to claim. OCM tokens are implemented on EOS mainnet and they have no value outside OCM platform. OCM tokens do not represent monetary value of the membership and they are not redeemable on platform for cash. Blockchain participation is voluntary and if members decide not to participate in it, it does not limit members from using the platform. If a member claims the tokens, they accept terms of blockchain program and can lose membership status by unstaking the tokens. 100 OCM tokens need to be staked for maintaining membership. When claimed, they are automatically staked and unstaking indicates intent to discontinue
OCM membership represent following things: – OCM is a membership based platform which provides organic products directly from the original producers at wholesale prices. Non-members shall not have access to the discounted prices. – OCM Membership represents a staked member of OCM community, and someone who is interested in using the platform. – OCM Membership is a lifetime membership and doesn’t require to be renewed. It is also transferable and can be gifted to anyone at the member’s discretion. – Every new member will be allocated 100 OCM Tokens, which are staked (locked) in the blockchain by default to be able to avail membership benefits. – Every member shall accumulate OCM Tokens for every purchase. OCM Tokens are transferable and will have additional utilities as the platform evolves.
Members will be able to communicate with producers by email.
Earth Circle Organics is our first producer, with several more organic producers wishing to join OCM as the platform grows.