About Us

Organic Community Market is a virtual marketplace. We collaborate with Organic food producers and facilitate a low cost mercantile for organic consumers. Since our model allows you to purchase directly, most of the hand picked organic superfood brands that are found in our marketplace are sold at wholesale prices or lower.

Our vision for OCM is a socially conscious and ethically compassionate community. Our members understand the value of consuming organic, promote sustainable choices, and live holistic lifestyles. Our community shares a common goal of maintaining a high vibrational lifestyle.

By eliminating operational wages, storage, and retail brick and mortar costs, we are able to minimize our margins and re-allocate those funds back to the consumer.

Organic Community Market has built a token based reward program that is designed to establish trust between producers and consumers.

Tokens are earned through loyalty, purchasing habits and encouraging community growth by referring friends and family.

Accumulating tokens earns you additional percentage off of purchases, and other loyalty perks.

The bottom line is that Organic community market was created to make these superior products available to more people by connecting you directly to their producers. We love what we do and it brings us great joy to provide these resources for you.

About our founder

~Eric Botner

Founder of Organic Community Market

I was founder and CEO of Earth Circle Organics until I sold in 2017, and I understand exactly what organic vendors face in today’s market.

After building and operating a successful organic company, my focus is now on providing solutions to the challenges small companies experience in distribution, by fostering the growth of a community of organic consumers and heart centered organic brands

Thank-you for your time and please let me know if you would like to look over our Vendor Agreement or to set up a call to discuss further.